Sheba Lodge No. 7
Established in 1827
Free & Accepted Masons


About Us
Our History
As we celebrate, this our 133th anniversary in the Prince Hall family
of Free Masonry, we are proud to saluate those who have helped to make our history an outstanding one. We salute those past masters that the Grand Architect of the universe has called to serve him. Our past master that are still with us, we humbly honor you and we wish God's speed to the officers, members and their families. The current worshipful master 2015-2016, Bro. John Traverers III, we ask for divine leadership that we may uphold the traditions bestowed upon us. As free people, may God continue to place a divine hand upon our souls, minds, and hearts.
Sheba Lodge No.7 Free & Accepted Masons, established in 1830
in the State of Pennsylvania, outside of Prince Hall family.
On December 27, 1882 Sheba Lodge No. 7 became a duly constituted
lodge of Prince Hall Free masons and received its charter from the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, having met its constitutional and ritualistic obligations. The worshipful master in 1882 was Ambrose Spence. Since that time, the lodge has maintained and has in its possession its original charter.
Sheba Lodge has strived to uphold the gold's aspirations and achievements of the Most worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. Through the years the lodge has continued to preserve through wars, economical strife, and the struggle of our people for civil rights. Continuously, her member has gone forth on the battlefield of this nation to help preserve the freedom that we all now enjoy.
Sheba Lodge No.7 grew in the beginning of the twentieth century.
Records show that Sheba lodge No.7 had a roll of fourteen members,
which gradually increased. By 1908, there was a total of fifteen members.
In 1925, there was fifty nine members with thirteen past masters.
Members of Sheba Lodge have sought and entered into the various branches of Free Masonry endeavoring enchance themselves and the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennslyvania.
The lodge participates in numberous endeavors to exact the basic concepts of free masonry. Through their support of The United Negro College fund drive, The Philadelphia Urban League, The NAACP, The Philadelphia Fellowship commission, and numerous churches in the Philadelphia area. The lodge in helping its own maintains a charity fund for its widows and needy brothers and significantly any members of the community at large. Where families have suffered through fires, death or economical strife, the lodge has rallied to come to their aid and extended an open hand of brotherly love.
In 1970 Sheba Lodge sponsored a knight of pythagoras council.
The council was named after one of our past master who have served this lodge well and his son, brother Weymon Dickerson, worked in this lodge until his death in April of 2004. Brother Weymon Dickerson was a life member of the council, he was a member of the lodge for over fifty years.
Past master James C. Harris was the longest serving council advisor from May 1991 - 2011, he now serves as a Council Advisor Emeritus. Brother Terrance Green is the current council advisor, after he had served as the Grand Master Knight. Brother Green is also a past master of Sheba Lodge. Brother Leon Strovall was also a member of Martin A Dickerson Jr. # 15 and also a member of Sheba Lodge.
Brother Green and brother Strovall was raised in 2008. This was the first time in our history that we had two or more of our knights to come into Sheba Lodge at the same time.